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How to Choose the Best Pet Crates

A pet crate is probably the most expensive investment you will make for them especially if it is a plus sized pet. However, choosing one is not as easy as it may seem. There are so many options available in the market and you may get confused while filtering through them. You could find some of different materials, varying sizes, collapsible and even others that come with wheels. In the same way, you will get some that will last the life of your pet while others will only be usable for a few years and you will need to replace them. None of this are quite important when choosing an your choice depends on what you and your dog are planning to engage in, the character if your dog and your own taste. Before you buy a crate for your pet, you need to consider a few things as every crate has its own advantages and disadvantages. By reading more here, you will be able to narrow your field before you go shopping for one to save time and money.

Consider the siding. There are some crates that are soft sided hole others are hard sided. Sift sided crates are light and can be carried around easily. They can be used for air and road travel as they are approved by most airlines for pets travelling in the cabin. However, they are not suited for pets that are extremely active as they may scratch or chew the sides and escape as they are not meant to resist rough conditions. They may also not suit a pet that has not been trained for the crate as they are made of fabric and can be very hard to clean. Make sure to click here for more details!

Look at the material. Pet Crate Direct Plastic crates are the most common in the market. They are easy to clean and relatively durable. They have solid sides and can therefore be stacked when not in use. They are also accepted by most airlines for cabin and cargo travel. Metal crates on the other hand, are more of a blend of the soft sided fabric crates and the plastic crates.

They fold easily like the soft sided crates making them suitable for vacations. They are also easy to clean and cannot be damaged by the pet. With an open air design, they allow maximum airflow meaning that they do not absorb odors like the others. They are, however, heavy and may rust over time. Learn more about pets at

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